K r a m e r A r t . n e t
My current work uses elements of op-art, color  field painting, mandalas, conceptual art, and Islamic patterns in  an attempt to understand visual doorways to the eternal. My goal is to create a higher level experience that does not require any previous  knowledge of art to appreciate – but one that is  enabled by pushing the limitations of sensory  capabilities.    The viewpoint of most of the works, is from looking out from the eternal  life-force, the light that is within us all, as one is approaching the first  hints of consciousness … hey! this is different from that.   The observed fundamental shapes, lines, and colors represent ideas,  thought processes, and basic forces as they start to weave the fabric  of life. Some of the works are of a single or a few ideas drawn out in  their purest form, while others are created with great struggle where  weeks of work only peak through the final version in subtle ways, if at  all.   But, of course, once the works are done, I am but another viewer and  my opinion means no more than any other viewer's.  I hope that you  will find some beauty in them.  Ed Kramer