Thanks for stopping in. Animation of the creation of Ed’s latest painting … “Road Through the Mountains” 36” x 36” acrylic and ink on canvas 2016
FEATURED   QUICK ORDER ITEM To commemorate this painting’s showing at the 26th Annual Byers Art Exhibition running April 12 - 22 at the Travis Gallery 6089 Lower York Rd. (Route 202) New Hope, PA
Reproductions on professional quality photographic paper of any image on this website are available in sizes from 3” x 5” through 30” x 40”. Prices range from $3.00 through $100.00 depending on the size and paper.  Please contact us for pricing information for archival quality reproductions on paper or canvas.
Originals of most of the works on this website are available for purchase.
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“Enterprise” (version 2) 2005 11” x 17” photographic reproduction $18.50 (free shipping in U.S.)